this is the 173rd airborne and you can find out more information about this unit here.


here are the first five bbc broadcasts from vicenza.


****meeting the 173rd airborne brigade for the first time.

****the brigade's training for their third mission since 9/11.

 ****soldiers of the 173rd airborne brigade talk as the unit prepares to head off to afghanistan.

****the families left behind.

****how the local people in vicenza feel about 173rd airborne brigade being based in italy.


here is the sixth bbc broadcast from afghanistan via telephone


****with major nicholas sternberg who is the public affairs officer for the unit.   in a former time, you could never have picked up a phone and called a soldier on iwo jima to see how things were going.  he gave me a good update.  i have left some of the banter (not broadcasted) between myself and the engineer in london for your listening pleasure


****rhod sharp is the anchor in london.


these broadcasts were heard on radio all over the world,  on the bbc web site and also on british armed forces radio.