Maybe We Should Dig up the Graves of Their Dead Relatives to See What They Look Like….


The two winners of the “Hey Abbott Award” for this week are Mike Fancher, the executive editor of the Seattle Times, and his run-for-my-lunch photo editor, Barry Fitzsimmons.


Actually, we are going to concentrate on Fancher because Fitzsimmons is one of those middle level types who wouldn’t fart without the permission of his boss.


Fancher in his newspaper’s pages explains why his bird cage liner ran the picture of the coffins of the American soldiers.  He is trying to con his readers into believing that the only reason he ordered Fitzsimmons to run the picture, and the only reason he turned over the reproduction rights (for sale) to a stock photo house hundreds of miles away from his office, is because it was a message that should get out.


The name of the stock photo house is Zuma Press.  If you hear that they are in your neighborhood, you better pull down the shades on your windows.


Fancher put the photo on the front page of The Seattle Times so that he could sell newspapers.  He knew there are enough sleaze bags in Seattle who love to see that kind of stuff when they are not watching “Friday the 13th movies.”


If Fancher had any decency, he would not have made Fitzsimmons purchase the picture, which by the by, was gotten illegally.  The bad taste of publishing the picture is overshadowed by Fancher’s motives and his apparently successful attempt to bullshit the Seattle readers.


And finally, at the bottom of his column, Fancher makes note of the fact that there will be a two day workshop for journalists sponsored by The Seattle Times and the Poynter Institute (a journalistic cabal).


The price Fancher is getting is $85 for journalists and $75 for students.  That shows his lack of concern for young people who want to be journalists.  That isn’t a very big cost reduction.


If he could, at the Seminar, he would have sold Seattle Times tee shirts, Seattle Times costume jewelry, the Seattle Times game board, and last but not least autographed photos of his four eyed bearded face.


Fancher is a punk who makes money on dead American soldiers.