don’t buy a  camel from these folks…


the council on american-islamic relations, a muslim civil liberties group, is like the proverbial used car salesman.  listen to them closely and you will see how full  of crap they are.


these are the folks who never bothered about their homelands tormenting women, denying freedom of speech, forbidding freedom of religion, and inventing the nasty habit of blowing up school children.


the “hey abbott award” goes this week to these council characters who are the fat cats of the muslim world.  notice this - they all live in the united states.


lt. gen. james mattis, a marine corps officer said recently in a speech that it was fun to kill bad people.  he was referring to muslims that were evil.


in no place in his speech did he give the slightest indication that he was talking about all muslims.


anyone who looks at the transcript of the speech sees exactly what the general said and exactly what he meant.  he said, “you know, it’s a hell of a hoot….it’s fun to shoot some people….you got guys who slap women around for five years, because they don’t wear a veil.  you know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway…”


the council on american-islamic relations seized this opportunity to attack the general, attack the marines and attack the entire united states military establishment.  in their urgently released press statements, they twisted the truth about what was said and what was not said.


it makes you wonder why these anti-american bums dislike the united states marines.


perhaps it is because the united states marines are dying every day to set two muslim countries free.   a cause that no one in the council of american-islamic relations ever seemed to care about much.


when the united states government does something wrong, americans go nuts and demonstrate and picket and make courtroom challenges.


the muslim world, on the other hand, has sat in silence for thousands of years while their leaders have pissed all over their populations.


lt. gen james mattis is a hero and this nation owes him a huge debt of gratitude for how he has spent his life.  he said exactly the truth.


it is fun to kill bad people and it would be almost as much fun to give the american-islamic council the finger.


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