join the army and see the world….


this week’s winner of the “hey abbott award” goes to a fellow named doug smith, who is listed as a “spokesman” for the united states army recruiting command at fort knox in kentucky.


in discussing how the army is having a tough time recruiting people, he blamed the problem on “they know the risks of military service in today’s environment.”


doug is either living on another planet or smoking weed.


young people are not joining the army because the recruiters lie to them as to what jobs they are going to get.


the army lies to them in terms of when their service will actually be over.


the pay and benefits stink compared to what a smart kid could get in the civilian world.


the petty humiliations by officers and non-commissioned officers on the troops day after day after day.


the lack of proper equipment.


and as far as the reserves and guard go, we would challenge doug smith to attend any reserve or national guard unit weekend drill in this country and he will see how the young people go out of their minds with boredom.


when doug smith talks about young people being afraid of the dangers in the army, he conveniently does not mention that in the period of time that 1500 u.s. military were killed in iraq, about 60,000 people died in automobile accidents on the highways in the united states.  it is more dangerous for a young person to drive in this country than to be in the army in iraq.


the united states army recruiting command doesn’t have a clue as to how its own operation is a joke.


we challenge doug smith to come with us incognito to a recruiter in new york city and listen to the con job rather than the proper selling of the product which can be a great deal for a young person.


then, we would have doug smith come with us to the medical examining station at fort hamilton and watch how horrible the young people and their recruiters are treated.


and finally, we would have doug smith join us at an army reception company prior to basic training and watch the confusion and the crummy treatment given to the young soldiers…..even from the civilians handing out the boots.


doug smith knows all of this.  his commander knows all of this.


the problems in recruiting could be solved by educating people like doug smith and his commander, major general michael d. rochelle to the reality of the situation.


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