hang up on this guy; he is an embarrassment to our nation…


joseph mccabe jr., who is the big thug at at&t wireless services, loves to cheat poor people.


as the head man at this sleazy wireless company, he overseas a company that gets a good portion of its money from poor people who can’t afford to have a “regular” wireless phone. 


because of their poor credit standing, they get swindled into buying one of his “prepaid phones.”


the costs of his pre-paid phones are much higher than what a “regular” customer would pay for his/her phone. 


in most instances, a “regular” user would get the phone for nothing, just for signing up with joe.


after they have paid through the nose for the phone, he makes the poor folk buy pre-paid phone cards for using the phone he has just sold them and here is where he gets real creative.


the charge per minute for using the pre-paid phone is much higher than a “regular” customer would pay even though it obviously entails less expense for at&t.


no billing costs, no credit checks, no nothing.  it is a great item for this guy to be selling.  he just sits back and watches all the dollars role in without the slightest financial risk to the company.


wait a minute.  joe gets even more creative.  he puts a time limit on how long you can use your pre-paid minutes and when they expire without you realizing it, you lose them all.  just what a poor person who can’t afford a cell phone in the first place needs to happen.


joe strikes us as a real mean machine.  he even makes sure that all the at&t messages are in spanish because he knows that a great percentage of the spanish speaking folks in this country are too poor to get a “regular” phone. 


if he could, he would have his messages also in “black talk” so he could hook african americans (also a major poor segment in the economy) into his slimy web.


and finally, and this might be the worst thing of all, joe knows that his prepaid phones are a favorite of drug dealers.  you could walk into one of his retail outlets with a needle sticking in your arm and still be sold a phone.


joe gets the hey abbott award of the week because he is truly a wrong number.