this hustler thinks he knows more about medicine than the nation’s leading medical doctors....


it is enough to send a chill up your spine. 


barrett a. toan, the boss of express scripts, a company that handles payments for pharmaceuticals among other things, has now decided that he will decide who gets what medicine and by extension who will live and who will die.


he gets the “hey abbott award” for this week.


since barrett’s office appears to be in missouri, we are going under the assumption that he is sitting in some barn in overalls making medical decisions.  probably in between the milking of cows.


how in the world did this ugly little man get the right to determine what medicine should be prescribed by a doctor?  it certainly wasn’t from his medical expertise.


a recent horrifying example is the medicine “miralax” being prescribed by a doctor for use in a pending colonoscopy. 


barrett decided that he didn’t like “miralax” and because of that he would refuse to pay for it.  his position was that the doctor should use another supposedly similar



the doctor who prescribed “miralax” just happened to be the inventor of the colonoscopy. 


the patient had the dilemma of listening to her doctor or abiding by barrett the buffoon.  of course, she went with the doctor’s decision and just paid for the medicine herself which is actually what express scripts wanted her to do.


in all fairness to barrett, he said that the patient could appeal his decision and would get an answer in ten days, maybe.


that is a great choice.  you are worried about the procedure that is to be done and you are worried about the outcome, so you are going to wait for some schmuck in missouri to decide what is best for you?


that ten day review was not guaranteed, by the way.


decisions like that probably depend on whether or not barrett a. toan (or was that toad) was playing golf that week.