two losers in a row….



the proposed appointment by president bush of new york city’s former police commissioner bernard kerik as the new head of our united states department of homeland silly, which is currently run by that former pennsylvania sleaze governor tom ridge, is a big mistake.


tom ridge’s claim to fame is that he collected swiss army knives and manicure sets from passengers prior to boarding aircraft.  the united states is in exactly the same set of dangerous circumstances as it was the day before the world trade center attack.


but let us take a look at who this bernard kerik is….after all, he gets the “hey abbott award of the week.”


**as a police officer he declared bankruptcy which is a pretty good trick when you are on a set civil service salary.


**he fathered a child and then deserted the mother while he was a soldier in korea.


**he and former mayor rudolph giuliani founded a company that sells stun guns to police departments.  so far, fifty people have died because of that gun.  he and giuliani have made millions from that gun.


**kerik worked for and remains in close contact with the saudi royal family.  his wife comes from syria.


**his mother was a prostitute who was murdered.


**he was a truant in high school and dropped out.  years later he did a correspondence course with one of those mail order deals to get a “college degree.”


**he was in charge of security in iraq for four months in 2003, but quickly left as the terrorists took control and started their carnage.


**he used new york city police employees to write his biography and was fined by the city for doing it.


**kerik was on the board of directors of charity group that mysteriously misplaced $142,733.


**he appointed a close friend as warden of the nyc prison rikers island who used prisoners to construct his home in upstate new york.


president bush was nuts to put tom ridge in charge of homeland security.  proposing bernard kerik as the new clown is absolute madness.



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