only the name is the same, it is a much different ford….


the ford motor company has announced that it will probably lay off….that means fire or throw on the garbage heap of unemployment….thousands of its employees as it closes five of its north american plants.


not to be outdone by the executive morons who are destroying general motors, ford is going one step forward.  its destruction is being supervised by bill ford jr. who is supposedly a relative of henry ford who founded the company so many years ago.


a relative?  old henry must be twirling in his grave as he hears about the decline and fall of his empire.  because we think bill ford jr. is so unbelievably incompetent, he is awarded “the hey abbott award” for this week.


in the real world of success and failure, bill ford jr. would have long since been unemployed and someone who knew how to build cars and make money would have replaced him.  but, with a name like ford, who is going to fire him?


if you want a clue as to what type of people run these car companies in detroit just take a look at detroit.  a high crime rate.  lots of slums.  a terrible public school system.  a white population that has run out to the suburbs.


guys like bill first destroyed their city and now they are on the way to destroying their companies.


the worst part of it is that through the years, companies like ford have turned out vehicles in which thousands of people have died who would not have died if the vehicles were built with all the safety features that were available.  a case in point is they had to be forced to put in seat belts and air bags.


maybe it is just as well that ford will eventually go under, but you can bet that bill has a bundle stashed away for that day.