don’t bother banging on your cell bars with this guy….


the only industry in this country where people are not thrown out for doing a bad job is the government.  get yourself a government job, especially with the united states federal bureau of prisons and you are set for life.


most of the prisoners are going nowhere and most of the staff are staying right with them.


this week’s “hey abbott award” goes to warden bill hedrick at the federal hospital in sringfield, missouri.  his method of running the slammer is being questioned here in a new york city newspaper by victoria gotti, the wife of the former mafia chieftain john gotti.  we say “former” because he died in jail.


vicky is no great shakes.  she was married to a guy who ran a mob, extorted people, had people killed and was not very nice.  she never had a problem with that and enjoyed the house, the car, the money, the trips.


her charge is that warden bill tortured john gotti.  she alleges that the warden did this stuff because john and his two brothers-in-law plotted to kill the warden and his family.


warden bill is being discussed by us this week, not because we necessarily believe vicky, but because he is giving the fedral bureau of prisons a bad image by his reluctance to meet the charges head on by opening up his records to refute the attacks being made against him.


we have all seen the jimmy cagney and george raft movies with the evil warden tormenting the prisoners.  or how about, “what we have here is a failure to communicate” in “cool hand luke” with paul newman?


thanks to the new york daily news and vicky, the fedral bureau of prisons is being pushed into the gutter.


come on warden.  get off your high horse and publicly defend yourself if you can.


your silence maybe telling it all.