he must have been the kid who always lost his mittens….


bruce lakefield, the ceo of usairways, has to be the worst businessman in the nation.  he has lost another 191 million dollars for the first three months of 2005.


he gets “the hey abbott award” for this week for his lack of leadership ability and for the situation that thanks to him, this once fine airline is going down the tubes.


he blames the problem on steep fuel costs and cheap fares from other airlines.


he is so dumb when it comes to running a transportation company that we wouldn’t let him leave a garage driving a new york city taxi.  he would lose the vehicle and then blame it on high fuel costs and other cab drivers being mean to him.


in the old days when you used usairways it was a delight.  thanks to bruce, the deal now is uncomfortable seats, rude employees, late departures and arrivals, and food that makes you gag.


the question comes to mind.  does bruce ever fly his own airline?


well, we know one thing for sure.  his main activity now is mooching money from the united states air transportation stabilization board, the fools in the government who continue to bail this loser out.


let us hope they never let bruce lakefield pilot one of the usairways airplanes.


he would probably steer it into an iceberg.