this guy is sort of, kind of, like maybe, the ultimate druggie administrator….


the commissioner of major league baseball, bud selig, is creating the impression that he did not think that drugs were a problem in baseball until the current round of hearings taking place in congress.


has bud been sniffing steroids?  he is either the most stupid commissioner in the history of baseball or a steroid user himself.


he gets the “hey abbott award” for this week.  he should be sharing the award with the baseball sports writers and television reporters.  they too are acting like they are surprised.


nonsense.  they all knew about it.  they didn’t report anything about it because if they said something, they could kiss their opportunity goodbye to go into the club house for interviews.


actually, no one should be surprised about anything that is crooked about major league baseball.  the owners swindle the cities with sweetheart deals when they get stadiums built for next to nothing and then, don’t even pay taxes.


the players get a fortune of money, but are rude to their fans and never seem to give anything back to the community.


the average family can no longer afford to go to a baseball game when you consider the price of admission and the cost of a food snack, should you not be smart enough to smuggle in your own food.


people like bud seelig and the current crop of owners and players are pure trash.


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