you wouldn’t want this loser to be your lawyer…..


michael cardozo, new york's corporation counsel is the head lawyer for the city’s government.  he is this week’s winner of the “hey abbott” award.


his main responsibility appears to be losing cases to people who sue the city for a variety of things such as falling, tripping and slipping on the big apple streets.


a close examination of his win/lose record and the millions he has cost the city would show that a first year law student who was at the bottom of his class could do better.


mike’s policy seems to be that the taxpayers are the trough of goodies for everybody who is looking to make a buck by suing the big apple.  that is understandable because he isn’t giving away his money, he is giving away the city’s money.


well, now he has topped himself.


the resident demonstrators and the ones who came to new york city last week to protest the republican presidential convention got themselves into many a mess.


based on impartial observers including right wing types and liberal types, most of the almost 2,000 arrests were improper.  the police just picked up anyone they didn’t like.


in a sense, that could have been expected since folks in city government have been telling the police for the last few weeks that we were going to be attacked by evil doers.


it would have been prudent for michael cardozo to warn the cops about who they could and would arrest.  since he doesn’t seem to care about giving the city’s money away in lawsuits, he has now made it possible for the demonstrators to file lawsuits against the city.  based on mike’s defense record, the city is in trouble.


and, if that isn’t bad enough, when it was apparent that the demonstrators were being kept in medieval jail conditions for periods of time longer than allowed, mike just let it all happen.


if it wasn’t for one of the city’s judges ordering their release, the demonstrators would still be rotting in jail.  “rotting” is the word because the conditions on an old ship pier were just unbelievably bad.


even after the judge made the ruling that the demonstrators should be released in a timely fashion, mike the thug ignored the order which will now cost the city millions of dollars in fines.


it appears that michael cardozo does not like people protesting against war by marching in the streets of new york city.


that is sort of strange.  mike himself has already protested against the military himself.  according to his published biography, he has never served a day in the military.


but, he is good at putting veterans in the slammer as he did last week.