he is just a poor old black man sitting on the porch telling the whites what to do….


charlie rangel is the BLACK congressman who represents BLACK harlem.  we put the word BLACK in caps because that is the only reason charlie is the BLACK congressman from BLACK harlem.


every single aspect of his reign concerns color.


he claims he doesn’t like president bush and vice president cheney because of their politics.  as a matter of fact, he just said that cheney should resign because he is too old to be vice-president.  cheney happens to be about ten years younger than rangel.  the congressman doesn’t like the president and the vice president because they are WHITE.


we give congressman charles rangel the “hey abbott award” for this week.  we do not, however, give it to him because he is the city’s leading racist.  we give it to him because his congressional district which is harlem is disaster zone.


there isn’t a federally funded project in harlem that is not filled with corruption.  the area has just about the highest crime rate in the city.  drugs can be bought on almost every street corner.  it is the poorest area of new york city.


the sidewalks of harlem are filled with filthy litter and there is a distinct lack of properly placed garbage cans by the residents which would enable the sanitation department to at least try to pick up the refuse.  the streets are filled with old automobiles, which in most instances are being driven by people who do not have driving licenses, much less insurance.  the area is a mecca for illegal aliens.


harlem has the highest percentage of people on welfare.  it has the most unwed mothers in the city who are getting public support.


the bottom line is that congressman charlie rangel lives in, works in, and represents an area that you wouldn’t walk in at night.  and, he is telling bush and cheney what to do?  certainly, they are losers, but rangel makes them look good.