Talk About Bank Robbers, Here is a CEO who Does His Robbing Without A Mask….


In the old days, the robber walked into a bank and took the money from the tellers and the bank safe.  If there were customers in the bank, there was a good chance that they too would have their cash and possessions taken.


William B. (Bill) Harrison Jr., the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase & Company (known as the Chase Bank ) has taken the Jesse James mode of operation to a higher level.  What Bad Bill does, is that he robs the customers when they are not in the bank.


Now, follow closely how he does it. 


If you make a cash deposit in the bank to a teller, it immediately goes into your account and you can use it.  If you make a cash deposit at an atm machine, you are going to have to wait for it to be available in about 24 hours even though the bank immediately has your cash and they can use it.


If you are depositing checks either in the bank or through an atm machine, you can forget about using that money for days.  Keep in mind the bank has the money from those checks from other banks within minutes of it going into the system.


Bad Bill likes to pull your leg by telling you that it takes days to clear a check.


But here is his latest and diabolical scheme.  It is so great that most banks have followed his lead.


If you take cash out of an atm machine using your debit card, it is immediately out of your account and if you should check your account immediately after that withdrawal, you will see that the money is out of your account.  Thus, you know exactly how much money you have for the rest of the day.


But, if you make a merchandise or restaurant charge using your debit card from the Chase, the money is also taken out of your account immediately, but the bank doesn’t tell you that.  By using an atm machine, you could check your account and you will see that the amount you just spent is no where to be seen.  You are given a wrong balance either at the atm or if you happen to use your computer to go online with the bank.


Those debits are not shown for a day or two.


This gives Bad Bill the opportunity to have lots of what he dreams of most.  Bounced checks by you the customer who thinks there is more money in the account than there really is.  At thirty dollars a pop, it is the best money maker Bad Bill has.


Partners, he knows darn well that by not giving you a true balance, you will think you have more money than you do and you will do what comes naturally.  You will spend it and Bad Bill gets the chance to give you whopping overdrawn charges.  Hee Haw.


In case you think that this is Bad Bill’s only nastiness to his customers in the United States, there isn’t a corrupt anti-American nation in this world that the Chase does not deal with.  Unless it is a credit risk to the bank itself, it has no ethical standards for dealing with nations or for that matter, companies.


If you could get a printout of their depositors , you wouldn’t believe the sleaze that would be on the list.


If only we could get people like Bill to ride off into the sunset.