he finally comes clean, but he still isn’t telling the truth……..


colin powell is a street wise black guy from new york city who went through the public school system, including college.  he became an army officer by being in rotc at the city college of new york.


we didn’t believe him when he made his speech at the united nations as to why we should go to war with iraq and we don’t believe his very late admission now that the speech will be “a lasting blot” on his record.


powell gets this week’s “hey abbott award” for his explanation that he didn’t have all the correct information at the time of his united nations speech.  we don’t buy it.


the truth of what actually happened behind the scenes as george bush decided to bomb iraq will probably be never known, but we do know that powell is no dope and he was not conned in anyway.


at the very least, powell showed loyalty to bush by going along with the war pitch.  his loyalty should have been to the people of the united states and the many military people who have subsequently died in iraq.


powell further embarrasses himself at this time by saying that the culprit was not george j. tenet, the head of the central intelligence agency at that time.


nothing could be further from the truth.  tenet is a liar, was a liar, and will surely be a liar in his next life.  he gave powell wrong information and powell bought it because he wanted to buy it.


powell will now have the joys of old age and retirement.  he can play golf or fiddle in his garden and enjoy his family.


he will, however, be tortured by that “blot” every day of his life. 


we hope so.