Learn to Hate the United States in Just Four Years….at a Price Tag of about $250,000.


And, that price is just an estimate.  Who knows?  It might even end up costing more.


We are talking about Columbia University here in New York City.  It has just announced that its tuition and the living costs for students are going up and up and up.


That means to attend this university, you either have to be a rich kid who has parents with more money than they know what to do with, or be a member of some oppressed group in this world and get in on a scholarship.


Columbia University is an embarrassment to the Big Apple.  It geographically sits between the snots of Manhattan and the war-zone-look-alike known as Black Harlem.


You can be assured that almost everything Columbia University does is directed to its south (the Upper West Side of Manhattan) where the rich are, rather than to the north (Black Harlem) where the struggling are.


In all fairness, however, let us point out that the University does have a great many Blacks cleaning toilets, mowing lawns, working in its kitchens and carrying out the garbage.


But putting that all aside, the main reason that Columbia University really stinks is because it hires guys like Dr. Rashid I. Khalidi to teach the kiddies HATE.


You see, this Dr. Evil thinks Israel is shitty and the Arab world is wonderful and the United States is filled with bad people who support Israel because of the sneaky Jews.


It would seem to us that to teach a touchy subject like Arab-Israel relations, you might want to simply point out that there are two sides to every story and let us examine who is doing right and who is doing wrong and work towards a settlement of the problem.


Come on, Dr. Evil, wouldn’t it be fair to say that the Arab world is currently being run by bunch of nasty idiots and that Israel is being run by a bunch of nasty idiots?  Why is it necessary to bash the United States over and over again as if somehow it is our fault?


How about teaching the kiddies that the United States is a wonderful place to live and that it has wonderful people who are just trying to survive each day?  If our government is making some mistakes in its foreign policy, how about suggesting to the students at Columbia University that they consider careers in the State Department rather than going into daddy’s business?


How easy it is for people like Dr. Evil to sit on the sidelines and bitch and moan about everything and blame one side for an obvious two-sided screw up.


By the way, if the kiddies at Columbia University think Dr. Evil is too tame, they could have always taken a class with Professor Nicholas De Genova of Columbia University who wished “that all American troops in Iraq die like they did in Somalia.”


Dr. Rashid I. Khalidi (Dr Evil) is just what is wrong with Columbia University.  It doesn’t inspire the students to find solutions and actively work in government to get those solutions.


It is easier to just blame.  Come to think of it, that is all Dr. Evil and the Columbia University students do everyday as they sit at their cute little sidewalk restaurants all along Broadway.


Dr. Evil calls himself a New Yorker.  Gaad.  If we had any more of him around here, we would be fighting in the streets.