even though she is dead, we shall still give her the award….


diane arbus, noted photographer, was a very mean person.


the word “was” is used because she is dead.


for the first time ever, we give the “hey abbott award” to a dead person.


the metropolitan museum of art in new york city is currently presenting a show called “diane arbus revelations.”  if you can get a second job at night so you can save up the money necessary to pay the museum’s fifteen dollar per person admission price, we suggest you take a look at this very nasty exhibit.


to digress for a moment, wouldn’t it be fun if an outside source were to audit the museum’s financial books and its inventory of artifacts…..anything missing?  anything in a trustee’s house?


diane took pictures of people at their worst.  she went to a nudist colony and made pictures of the human body that are gross.  as a matter of fact, her nudist pictures are the ultimate prophylactic for teenagers in heat.  just show them a diane picture and they will never have sex again.


as you walk through the gallery, you see all very nasty pictures of people from dwight eisenhower to mr. and ms. every person.  the common thread is showing people at their worst.


the gallery is very poorly lit.  the pictures are at height that makes it tough to get close to the photos.  there is no place to sit for a minute.


there are, however, an ample number of hustlers who are selling diane arbus stuff.  this museum will never miss a trick to exploit its tax free situation.


by the way, on the day we were at the museum, we were chased out a little early because they were going to have a private party.  that is another sweet racket this museum pulls in a building that really belongs to the people of new york city who are not invited to “private parties.”


the people who run this museum think that they own it and act like a bunch of horse rustlers.  in the old days, they would have been hung.


and we don’t mean on a wall.