if his gig with the recording industry doesn’t work out, he can always chase ambulances….


donald b. verrilli jr, who thinks some software is evil, is the winner of the “hey abbott award” for this week. 


lawyer don is representing the entertainment industry which accuses the folks who developed peer-to-peer-file–sharing-software of enabling people to illegally copy music. 


when he finishes with the software people, he will probably file a lawsuit against the bread knife industry (they are sometimes used to kill people), the automobile industry (their products do kill), and the clothing industry (which contributes to the desire for sex).


he and his law firm have no sense of reality. chicken little must have worked for them.


there is nothing wrong with this particular software.  if someone is using it for illegal purposes, arrest them.


the argument by him and his law firm (jenner & block, the fat cats of washington, dc) is as silly as blaming lawyers for becoming politicians because they can enact laws that will be violated so that lawyers can make money defending the cases.


should we expect a higher level of fair play from donny?  not really, if you check out his resume.  he is a graduate of yale, the school that refuses to let the united states army recruit on its campus.  his buddies at yale have no problem, however, in grabbing every phony financial grant they can get from the united states government.


for his ticket to big money, he went to the columbia law school.  well, we have a hot tip for him.


this past weekend, one of our operatives stood on a street corner at the corner of 112th and broadway and asked columbia university students if they copied music illegally on the web.  not only did the great percentage of the kiddies admit their corruption, they advised our operative, that they use the school’s web system so they can not be traced back to their own computers.


at the next columbia university dinner, donny should show up with his entertainment police and round up everyone sitting at the function. 


the solution for the entertainment industry is simple.  produce techniques that would prevent people from copying music.  they know how to do it.  they don’t do it because a great percentage of the illegal copies of music actually come from within the recording industry.


has donny ever gone to a live concert and watched how tee shirts and cd’s are sold by the entertainers?  the internal revenue service would faint, if an entertainer ever reported this income.


so, we have the alliance of the entertainment industry--a corrupt bunch of people who have created the role models that have destroyed a couple of generations of young people world wide and the cabal of lawyers who are generally considered the most mistrusted bunch of people-- joining forces against some software writers.


donald b. verrilli jr doesn’t create music and he doesn’t create software.  he creates nothing, but picks on the ingenuity of others.


as he files his papers with the supreme court, he uses a computer, he uses software, he uses researchers, he uses search engines he uses an unlimited amount of money.


if you took away all these toys, he couldn’t win a case in housing court.


a lawyer calling someone else a cheat?  give us a break.



**our editorial director, belding weed, invites your comments.  his belief is that businesses, institutions and government agencies are just structures.  it is the person who runs the show who creates the morality.  other than calling the person to your attention and perhaps hurting his/her feelings there isn't much more we can do.


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