thanks to guys like this, the city is filthy and polluted….


this week’s “hey abbott award” goes to charles sturcken, the spokesman for the new york city department of environmental protection. 


we need some protection from this character and his department.


let us first establish a few facts.  new york city is filthy.  the streets are filthy, the subways are filthy, the schools are filthy.


the waters of our rivers which are actually estuaries are so dirty that you would not swim in them.  anyone eating the fish is nuts.


the pollution in the air over this city is killing thousands of residents which is a statement straight from city officials.


the children of this city have a high degree of asthma and the rate of problem newborns is terrifying.


charles sturcken does what all day?  what does his department do all day?


a better question would be, can we look at your expense account charlie?  how about looking at the expense accounts of all the fat cat executives in your department?  we wonder how many of them actually live in the five boros?


charlie’s department, however, has the time and money to threaten a citizen who was faced with the following problem:


someone left cans of hazard waste on this gentleman’s front lawn.  he called charlie’s department to help him get rid of them.   instead of handling the problem, they are going to fine the citizen because that material was on his property.


charles sturcken thinks that this is perfectly reasonable.


we are not surprised.  charlie and his department wouldn’t know how to do something for the good health of the big apple if you brought the idea to them in one of their all-expense-paid-for-city-automobiles.


the new york city department of environmental protection is polluted.



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