they defended their country and this medical hypocrite (not the oath) tells them to take a hike….


so these three retired soldiers are sitting around trying to figure out why eric c. rackow, m.d., the ruling majesty of nyu university hospital here in new york city, doesn’t like them.


one of the retirees says that eric is probably a communist.  another says he probably works for al qaeda, the third who is probably the most correct, says that he is just an unpatriotic jerk.


here is why eric gets the “hey abbott award” for this week.


all three of these retired veterans and millions more like them, have something called “tricare.”  it is the equivalent to blue cross or aetna or cigna or any one of the many medical plans that university hospital accepts for its patients.


his pulmonary department will not accept tricare.  his bone density unit will not accept it.  his blood testing department will not accept it.  we don’t know how many more places in nyu don’t accept it because we have just came in contact with the first three retirees that are complaining.


tricare pays exactly what the other insurance plans pay to the medical world and it is a great deal easier to deal with.  the doctor or the hospital makes one telephone call and they are in the system.  so, there is no practical reason for eric to turn his back on retired veterans other than he just doesn’t like them.


here is some information for eric.  just call 877 874 2273 (toll free in the united states) and one of the representatives will tell you how you can stop being such a putz.


by the way, if any person is even considering donating funds to nyu medical center, they might want to reconsider until this tricare denial is resolved.