you wouldn’t want to eat in this guy’s house….


thomas frieden, who is the commissioner of the new york city health department, is the winner of this week’s “hey abbott award.”


you can bet we are not going to go to his house for a celebration dinner.


we are presuming that his kitchen is filthy with mouse droppings and no proper refrigeration for his food.  his bathroom is probably covered with unmentionable things.


this conclusion is based on the fact that if tommy runs a filthy city, as he does, then why should we not expect his home to be the same way?


there are 12 inspectors in his department who are responsible for checking out the city’s known 4,000 street food vendors.  we say “known” because that is a health department figure, which is a low estimate.


almost every single steet vendor in this city has a filthy stand and you would be nuts to buy anything from them.  if you would go into one of the places where they keep the stands at night, you would be pushed passed the point of revulsion.


if tommy the commissioner, really cared about the health of this city, he would declare a city wide emergency and require every single food vendor in this city to bring his/her cart into a central location to be inspected.  just the way they do it with taxicabs.


then, he could ask citizens to serve as volunteers to check out carts in their own area.  they would not have the power to give out summonses, but they could notify the health department about what they perceive as filth.  then, the inspectors could go out and check it out professionally.


by the way, if you think this food vendor cart situation is bad, just take a look at the kitchen in almost any restaurant in this city.  you would gag and make a quick exit.


because he is incompetent and doesn’t give a hoot about this city, tommy the commissioner is more dangerous than the terrorists.  we are sitting on a possible epidemic because of his negligence with the food service in this town.


commissioner thomas frieden of the health department is a political hack who got his job because he hangs with the right people.


if you should ever happen to meet him, instead of saying “hello”, just say “oink.”


whatever you do, do not shake his hand.  you don’t know where it has been and whether or not he has washed it lately.