he is listed as “honorable” on the united states army web site…


where do we start on this political appointee whose claim to fame is that he has made millions of dollars from the defense department?


the winner of this week’s “hey abbott award” goes to francis j. harvey, the secretary of the army. 


here is what the united states army says about this man.


“The majority of Secretary Harvey’s career has been spent with corporations that provided products and services to the federal government, particularly the Department of Defense.


“He has been involved in over 20 major defense programs across the entire spectrum from undersea to outer space, including tanks, missiles, submarines, surface ships, aircraft and satellites.


“Prior to his appointment as the Secretary of the Army, Secretary Harvey held various professional, management and executive positions within the Westinghouse Corporation from 1969 to 1997, including President of the Electronics Systems Group, President of the Government and Environmental Services Company, and Chief Operating Officer of the multi billion dollar Industries and Technology Group.


“Most recently Secretary Harvey was a Director and Vice Chairman of Duratek, a company specializing in treating radioactive, hazardous, and other wastes, as well as a member of the board of several other corporations”


if there were a cartoon characterization of harvey, it would be a sketch of a pig slopping dollars into his mouth at the taxpayer trough.  for years, he has been sucking in every dollar he can from “defense.”


rumsfeld and vice president cheney reward this business buddy of theirs by giving him the ultimate gift, the united states army. 


you may wonder why the army is having a tough time in iraq and afghanistan?  you may wonder why it is having such a tough time getting young people to enlist.  you may wonder why applications for west point and the rotc are down?


you could ask this guy about the army and its problems, but you might have a tough time getting a free minute with him when he isn’t hanging out with his defense industry cronies.


let us also get a few other things straight here about what a secretary of the army can do.


general eric shinseki was thrown out as army chief of staff because he was too old.  nonsense


general jack keane was thrown out as acting army chief of staff because of his wife’s illness.  nonsense.


the latest secretary of the army outrage is what harvey has done to four star general kevin byrnes.  there are by the way, only eleven four star generals in the united states army.


harvey is saying that he has thrown general byrnes out because of an adulterous affair with a civilian.  there was no adultery.  byrnes was separated from his wife and was actually divorced when this charge was announced to the public


harvey is so dumb, he picked the wrong charge to level against general byrnes. 


read the actual army regulations that the secretary of the army doesn’t know about.


“76.45 Army Regulation

Summary:  When they are the only offenses involved, adultery and fraternization will not normally be investigated by either the USACIDC or military police.


“77.94 Department of the Army

Summary:  Not every act of adultery is prejudicial to good order and discipline or service discrediting.”


general byrnes was due to retire this coming november after more than thirty five years of service without one little blemish on his record.  if you want to see what a real hero is, read this official united state army biography:

“General Byrnes assumed the duties of Commander, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, on November 7, 2002, after serving as the Director, Army Staff.

“General Byrnes, a native of New York, New York, was commissioned through the Officer Candidate School program in 1969. He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Park College in 1975, and a Master of Arts in Management from Webster University in 1985.

“Prior to assuming his current duties, he served as Director, Army Staff, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs and as the Assistant Vice Chief of Staff. General Byrnes’ other key assignments include: Commanding General, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas; while deployed in that capacity, he simultaneously served as the Commanding General of the Multinational Division (North) in Tuzla, Bosnia, from October 1998 to August 1999; Director, Force Programs, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, Washington, D.C.; Assistant Division Commander (Maneuver), 1st Cavalry Division; Commanding General, Joint Task Force Six, Fort Bliss, Texas; Commander, 1st Cavalry Division Artillery, and later Chief of Staff, 1st Cavalry Division; Director of Political and Economic Studies and Director of the Strategic Outreach Initiative for the United States Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania; Commander, 4th Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery in 2nd Armored Division (Forward) in Germany; and Commander, Battery C, 1st Battalion, 39th Field Artillery, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. His overseas tours include Vietnam, Germany and Bosnia.

the honorable francis j. harvey, secretary of the army is throwing byrnes out because he is a good guy.  he is getting thrown out because he is too much of a patriot.


byrnes is going going gone because he isn’t a munitions corporation player.


the bottom line of all of this is that the biggest danger facing the united states today is people like harvey.


and by the way, we wonder why secretary harvey is so consumed about general byrnes’ sex life?


maybe we should take a look at what harvey did at the university of pennsylvania where he got his doctorate and at the university of notre dame where he got his bachelor of science degree.


he probably got an “A” in panty raids.