is this guy a dwarf or a midget?......


we have never met gary wilson, the president of northwest airlines, but he might be a very little man.


he gets this week’s “hey abbott award” for making the seats on his airplanes so cute and tiny.  they are just the size which is perfect for leprechauns, children and small stuffed animals.  they certainly aren’t the right size for a grown up human being.


not to worry, this diabolical chief executive of a multi national corporation has figured out how many passengers can get squashed into one of his planes.  in this, he is an expert.


we would bet you our five dollar airline meal that gary has never ever flown on one of his planes in the main cabin where the real people have to sit.


gary’s sales seem to run about nine billion dollars a year.  that is so strange to think that so many people are giving him money to be uncomfortable.


maybe he should think about giving out bedroom slippers for the flight.  they could be in a very small size so that your feet would hurt when the trip ended.


or, how about making everyone sit with a hat on their head two sizes too small?


look here.  it is gary’s right to make the seats small.  and, it is his right to make them squashed together in a cabin that really should have twenty percent less seats.  people appear to be dumb enough to want that torture.


almost every airline in this country is going down the financial tubes.  if you are in any business in this nation and you are having financial difficulties, just call yourself an “airline” and the government will give you money on the dole.


so what do we wish for gary wilson?


wouldn’t it be nice if we could make him live in a telephone booth for a couple of weeks?


**our editorial director, belding weed, invites your comments.  his belief is that businesses, institutions and government agencies are just structures.  it is the person who runs the show who creates the morality.  other than calling the person to your attention and perhaps hurting his/her feelings there isn't much more we can do.


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