maybe they should put this man on the other side of the bars…
glenn s. goord, who is the commissioner of the new york state department of correctional services, wins the “hey abbott award” for this week.
each time a prisoner in a new york state prison makes a phone call to a relative, the relative gets charged three dollars for the call and sixteen cents a minute for the call.
that is an outrageous amount.  it is more than ten times the prevailing telephone rates.
ok goordy, we know that you must delight in the fact that you are society’s main man for getting even with the prisoners for being crooks and rapists and murderers.
if they weren’t so stupid and evil, they would not be the raw material for your operation’s income.  without them bums, you would be out of business.
but the telephone thing is hurting their relatives who at last look were only guilty of being related to a bad person.
the company that goordy uses for this telephone contract is mci which was formerly known as worldcom.  as that company went into bankruptcy, it was clear that most of its senior executives should be in one of goody’s slammers as residents.
so, here we have a situation in which not only are the telephone rates out of sight, the deal is given to the sleaziest phone company around.
you can bet your bottom dollar that if this scenario was presented to any member of the state police, they would immediately guess that someone is getting a kickback one way or another.
glenn s. goord, you don’t have any swiss bank accounts, do you?
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