Would You Buy A Used Car From This Guy?


Phil Murtaugh the main guy behind General Motors” investment of $3 billion into China’s economy not only gets our “Hey Abbott Award” for this week, we are also going to give him our newly created “Axis Sally/Toyko Rose Award.”


It is horrible enough that he is taking away investment from his domestic U.S. facilities to get a whole bunch of cheap Chinese labor that will be working without emission standards and other decent working regulations.  They will be also working for slave wages.


But even worse, there is a fair possibility that one of these days, whether it be Taiwan or something else, the United States is going to end up in a confrontation with China.


If we happen to have a team of bozos running the country like we currently do, guess what?  We will once again get involved in a war that we will not fight with all our resources and once again, one by one, like in Iraq, like in Vietnam, like in Korea, young Americans will die day after day.


And when that day comes, China will have the ability to produce all the war machines it needs thanks to Monster Murtaugh.  They will just tell the few General Motors people that are in the General Motors factories in China, to take a hike while they begin producing tanks and missiles and everything else that they will need to kill young Americans.


We are guessing that Monster Murtaugh does not have any of his own children in the United States Army in Iraq, and when the time comes for the possible China/United States war, his children will get a GM car so that they can drive to Canada.


His company sells to both sides of every conflict.   Despots all over the world already do business with General Motors.


Would it have been too much for Monster Murtaugh to even suggest to the Chinese authorities, that in exchange for the $3 billion investment, they might consider helping us just a little bit with those pesky North Koreans?


On a final note, if you are considering buying a General Motors product keep in mind the following:


They sold thousands of Chevrolet Caprices to the New York City taxi industry.  They were crap cars that always broke down and gave the industry no end of trouble.


New York City taxis are now all Ford products.