did you hear the joke about the federal judge and the new york civil liberties union lawyer?


“she the lawyer comes into the court to defend the rights of terrorists and he the judge goes along with it.” 


pretty funny, wouldn’t you say?


this week, two people share the “hey abbott award” for being just plain dopey.  the honors go to federal judge robert sweet and donna lieberman, the boss of the new york civil liberties union.


donna asked for a ruling that would prohibit cops from checking out people’s purses and knapsacks and similar carry-all things at demonstrations and big festivals like times square on new year’s eve.


bobby basically said:  sure thing, no problem.  i go along with your idea on making it tough for police officers to protect the big apple.


now, we are willing to bet that bobby and donna are not aware of the fact the city’s cab drivers are a great deal smarter than either one of them.  did you know that most taxi drivers in this city have a decal on their cab that invites police officers to stop and check them whenever they want.


there are no conditions.  there is no probable cause.  if the cop feels like stopping a taxi and taking a better look at the passenger (especially at 3am in the morning in the south bronx) the cab driver loves it because chances are it means he will live to see his wife later that day.


since bobby doesn’t hang with the common folk and we can assure you that donna certainly doesn’t, neither one of them has a clue about what it is like to be on the streets of new york city.


we took a little poll this week of passengers riding in cabs to find out if they would be disturbed by a police officer asking to look into their bag at a demonstration or a festival.  surprise.  surprise.  not one single passenger said he/she had a problem.


so what have proved thus far?  the average taxi driver and the average passenger are a great deal smarter than the judge and the lawyer.


now speaking of the new york civil liberties union, they must really pick and choose the cases that are of interest to them.


two years when our man belding commented that the deputy commissioner for counter terrorism should never have been appointed because he was a loser from the central intelligence agency, belding was subsequently visited by police officers at his home at night who sort of said, the deputy commissioner didn’t like adverse comments.  belding called the new york civil liberties union and they said, they didn’t see the cop visit as a problem.


two months ago when belding was arrested and kept in a cell for two hours at the amtrak railroad 125th street station for taxing pix of the trains, he again called the new york civil liberties union and they said, they didn’t see a problem with that either.


about a month ago, when belding was taking a video of people going through a stop sign, car after car after car.  belding was stopped by the police and made to erase the video while the cars continued to go through the stop signs.  the new york civil liberties union doesn’t care about traffic problems belding was told.


donna libeberman the head of the new york civil liberties union is a phony.  she picks those causes that will give her and her organization headlines.


as for the federal judge, the honorable robert sweet, we better be careful about what we say about him because the next thing you know the federal bureau of investigation will be knocking on belding’s door.


let us take the chance. 


hey bobby, you need to get out on to the streets of new york city a little more. 


we mere mortals are afraid of terrorists and other bad guys.


you can look into our knapsacks, our purses and even our socks if you want to………