you can bet this guy likes to eat a great deal of chinese take out…


harry stonecipher, who is the ceo of the boeing company, has just sold $7.2 billion worth of the latest jet aircraft to the people’s republic of china.


the planes will be delivered to the chinese configured to carry civilian passengers.


about fifteen minutes after the planes arrive in china, their military draftsmen will make plans to adjust the planes to military transports. 


come to think of it, thanks to the boeing sales department, the chinese have probably already drawn the plans to turn these planes into military warships.


harry gets the “hey abbott award” this week because he makes benedict arnold, the most famous traitor of our revolutionary war,  look good.


the people’s republic of china slaughtered thousands of americans in the korean war and the “republic” (give us a break) has murdered millions of its own people.


the people in china live under an oppressive hold of some very evil people.  their government is anti-american in everything it does. 


the chinese government has not backed us up with stopping north korea and its quest for the atomic bomb and china has constantly been against the united states in the united nations on every single world issue including iraq.


with this deal, harry is pissing on the graves of every single soldier that died during the korean war.


with this deal, harry shows the government of the people’s republic of china that it can continue to mistreat its population. 


not only is harry and his two-bit staff not condemning the chinese government, they are actually approving of its behavior.


if you really think about it, harry stonecipher is like an old whore.


he will sell himself to anyone.



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