put an end to a guy named ende….


there is a wonderful idea in new york city.  it is called “access-a-ride” and it provides transportation for people who are unable to use public bus or service for some or all of their rides.  it offers shared rides on little buses that go here, there, and everywhere.  it is used mainly for medical appointments.


so, since it is a wonderful idea created by the city, why not carry it one step further and put it in the hands of a man called howard ende to run it and screw it up?


we think howie runs it, all though we are not really sure, because if you call their office and ask who the boss is, they are not sure.  so, we will give howard ende the “hey abbott award” and if he truly isn’t the boss of “access-a-ride” we authorize him to pass the award on to whomever is the boss.


you can’t believe how usual it is to call an agency of the city of new york and ask who the boss is and get told by employee that they are not really sure who it is.


only a stupid person could dream up the following rule for “access-a-ride” which states that you must apply for using the service twenty one days in advance of your first use of the system.


that means if someone gets out of the hospital and three days later is supposed to go to the doctor for a follow-up visit, they are just up the creek.  they should, we guess, just sit in their apartment and wait and wait and wait until the twenty one days have passed.


this of course is no problem to a fat cat city official like howie.  we are betting that he makes his rounds in a chauffer driven car supplied by the city.  he probably doesn’t know what the inside of one of his buses look like and he certainly doesn’t know what the subways look like.


it is bad enough when you are sick, but to have deal with a stupid agency run by a stupid bunch of people, it makes it even tougher.


howie’s twenty one day rule has no logic.  it is just mean.


howard ende has missed the whole idea of “access-a-ride.”  it is supposed to help people in need.


the city needs to get rid of mean spirited people like this guy.