would you let this guy serve you an egg roll?


it gets worse.  last week, we gave the “hey abbott award” to the bum that runs merck because he has been churning out a deadly pill called vioxx.


this week we give the award to howard pien who is the head of a creepy company called chiron pharmaceuticals.


howie used to work for merck and that is where he probably learned how to do things that endanger the public.


this year millions of americans in mortal danger will not be able to get their flu shots thanks to the most honorable howard pien.  his company was churning out a pill that was dangerous and thanks to the alertness of authorities in the united kingdom where it was being made, the pill has been pulled off the market.


poor howie.  he thought he was being clever.  even though his company is located in california, he probably figured if he made the pill in the united kingdom, the inspections would be easier.


are there no americans in california who needed a job working for chiron?


thanks to master pien, most elderly people and most mothers of young children who should be getting the flu shot are not going to be getting it.  they are, to say the least, sick with worry about what is about to happen.


what is about to happen is that thousands of people throughout the united states are going to get sick with the flu.  many will die.  for the rest it will be a nightmare of sickness.


last week, we thought that raymond gilmartin, the ceo of merck, was the worst sleaze. 


lucky ray, he has now been replaced by howard pien, son of ray…like in son of frankenstein.


how much do you want to bet that every member of howard pien’s family gets a safe flu shot this season?  that even includes the waiters at his nearest take out restaurant.


**our editorial director, belding weed, invites your comments.  his belief is that businesses, institutions and government agencies are just structures.  it is the person who runs the show who creates the morality.  other than calling the person to your attention and perhaps hurting his/her feelings there isn’t much more we can do.


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