in 1941, this type of guy would have probably been on the committee to propose the bombing of pearl harbor.  today, he is hurting american armed forces personnel in a new and more modern way……


this week’s “hey abbott award” goes to yorihiko kojima who is the chief operating officer of the mitsubishi corporation which makes those funny little cars.


here is the deal.  many of america’s young soldiers are really just young kids.  because of that, they are not really sophisticated enough to realize that they are about to be scammed when they walk into a mitsubishi auto dealer here in the united states.


now, we would expect the car salesman not to mention that mitsubishi is having all kinds of financial woes and if they are still around in another few years, it will probably be by virtue of some sneaky little financial deal that is pulled off in tokyo.


what they certainly don’t tell the young soldiers is that if they are shipped overseas and they take their funny little mitsubishi toy with them, they better not have any car troubles over there.


you see, if you own a mitsubishi and when it has trouble because of poor construction, the foreign mitsubishi dealer will tell you to take a hike.  the young soldier finds out that his american bought mitsubishi will not be serviced by the overseas dealer.


the bottom line is the serviceman or servicewoman who was dumb enough to buy this brand of car is going to have to pay for all repairs and parts out of his/her pocket.


by the way, if the car was made properly in the first place it would last more than two years, which is the average overseas posting of military personnel.


but then, what should we expect from japan, the country that invented the one way trip airplane and the bataan death march?


perhaps yorihiko kojima should consider changing his mean spirited policy of cheating his car buyers.


on the other hand, there is another age old japanese tradition, he might want to invoke and if he needs the sword, we will give it him


how do you say “bum” in japanese?