maybe they should burn down jacques chirac instead of paris….


good old jacques is universally disliked.  he is a pretty shifty guy who claimed a close friendship with sadaam hussein while sadaam was busy butchering people all over iraq.


bonjour monsieur chirac, you got the “hey abbott award” for this week.


if it wasn’t for innocent people getting hurt, there are some who would delight in france’s problems this past week as MUSLIMS burned and looted.  notice our use of the word MUSLIM.  for some reason, the press and the french officials keep referring to these bastards as “youths.”


france has always been in bed with the middle east.  no matter how bad the despot, he always had a friend in france.  the main reason chirac didn’t want the united states going to war with iraq was because it was going to cost france money in lost sneaky deals.


most of the oil money that was supposed to be used by iraq for food under the supervision of the united nations found itself in the pockets of the french.  history will show that the combination of france and the untied nations was the number one whore couple.


so, the muslims have now turned on their benefactor, not because of unemployment, not because of unfair treatment by the french police, not for some type of racism, but because it is the next logical step toward spreading the evil and the hate that the muslims mullahs are spreading all over europe.


the reasons being given by the media that this violence in france is somehow connected to a disadvantaged muslim segment of the population is crap.  compared to what muslims have in their home countries, france has been a paradise.


hopefully, the french will wake up.  enforce their laws, and put the troublemakers in the slammer.  deport those who do not behave themselves


and finally, tell chirac to “disparaissent la vis un canard.”