the question is who is the bigger schmuck?  jennifer wilbanks or the federal bureau of investigation?


she is the dumb broad who skipped out on her wedding and didn’t tell anyone where she was going.


her family was sick with worry and half the cops in the country were looking for her.


it turns out that she just decided she wanted to go for a bus ride.


to compound this fiasco, the federal bureau of investigation decides to let it all ride and they aren’t even going to prosecute her for whatever.


this little adventure gets jennifer and the federal bureau of investigation the “hey abbott award for this week.


she should be brought up on criminal charges and be billed the money for all the cops that were running around looking for her. 


the fbi agent in charge who obviously thinks this caper was just a funny gag should be sacked.  hopefully some committee in congress will look into this screw up by the federal bureau of investigation.


the additional creepy part in all of this is that the federal bureau of investigation is supposed to be the organization that is protecting the rest of us from criminals, terrorists, spies, and corporate cheaters.


they obviously have enough free time on their hands to play look-for-the-missing-bride-to-be and not get upset when they are proven to be a bunch of schmucks by a schmuck.