if you as a parent want to mail a letter or a package to your young man or your young woman in the army, you take it to the post office and there the postal clerk will ask you “how do you want it sent?”


do you want it sent by express mail, priority mail or as an after thought, the clerk might say regular mail?  this is the scam and this is why this week’s “hey abbott award” goes to the dopiest general around, john e. potter, the postmaster general of the united states postal service.


when the postal clerk asks you which way you want it sent, and if you are foolish enough to hand over any money more than what is necessary for regular mail, you are taking your money out of your wallet and throwing it into the toilet.


all that the united states postal service does is to hand over your package to the military postal service for delivery.  there is absolutely no difference in the length of time it will take for that package to get to afghanistan or iraq that would have any relationship to the money the postal clerk just swindled you out of.


the united states postal service is not delivering military mail.


if postmaster general john e. potter is having his minions do this scam because he is just stupid and doesn’t know how the system really works, then he is incompetent to be in the position that he is in.


on the other hand, we suspect that jonny knows a good scam when he sees it and the more bucks he can put into the profit column makes him and his postal service look good on paper….even it if means swindling grandma out of a few bucks.


here is an amazing thing about john e. potter.  he started out as a postal clerk in the bronx and presumably should know how much a few dollars can mean to a family whose kid is overseas.


now that he is a fat cat postmaster general sitting at top, he obviously doesn’t remember what it means to work for a living.  stick this guy in a large box, put some postage on it, and mail him away.


given the operations record of the post office, the package will probably never get to its destination….at the very least it will be late.