here is a good old judge from florida who probably drives a pickup truck and spits on the court house floor….


the final scene has been played and that lady from florida who was taken off life support is dead.  terry schiavo’s feeding tube was removed so that she could starve to death. 


the winner of this week’s “hey abbott award” goes to florida judge george w. greer who ordered this death.


he has been accused by some of being an evil man.  he has even been called a “nazi.”


that is unfair.  the only thing bad you can accuse judge greer of being is a florida judge, and that is probably the worst insult you can give him.


florida has a long history of being a thoroughly corrupt and racist state.  its oldest piece of southern hospitality is the remote possibility of driving across florida without getting caught in a speed trap by their state troopers and local law enforcement officers.


good old george and his cronies on the bench have had a field day dispensing florida justice which is a great deal different than what thomas jefferson had in mind.


both political parties and the judicial system in florida were so busy trying to fix that now famous george bush vs. al gore election that the state became the laughing stock of the world.  we can thank the florida judicial system for making the united states look like a big schmuck in the eyes of the world.


according to the federal bureau of investigation, the state of florida has more white collar criminals, either actively working or so-called retired, than any other state.  florida makes them welcome, we guess.


it is also a leader in land swindles, retirement home rackets, and it serves as the main base of operations for the south american drug dealers.


the judicial system and the law renforcement operations in florida are a cartoon.


the only thing it can do well is to starve a lady to a painful death.


by the way, good old judge george tells people that he comes from brooklyn, new york.


forgetabout it.  he left when he was four years old.  he ain’t no new yorker. 


he is a florida hanging judge.


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