now she can chase ambulances……


put bluntly, the amount of crime that goes on in new york city can not even be estimated.  we are not talking about the “stick em up” variety.  we are talking about the corporate crime, the drug traffic crime and the terrorism- to-be-crime.


the winner of this week’s “hey abbott award” is karen patton seymour, soon to be retired as the chief of the criminal division of the manhattan united states attorney office.


that federal office is responsible for going after the truly bad people, not for having tea in the afternoon whilst discussing how they can put arch criminals like martha stewart, the cooking tv personality, in the slammer.


karen  patton seymour was the driving force to stick old martha in jail at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the taxpayers.


don’t misunderstand.  our position is that you could put martha stewart in jail for a thousand years….who cares?


but to further her own persona, it was more important for karen to go after martha than it was for her to go after the real criminals which are pretty much still at large.


well, it must have worked out just fine for karen.  she is leaving federal service to go work for sullivan & cromwell, a fat cat law firm here in new york city.


she is doing exactly what new york city federal prosecutors have done before.  they don’t do a good job prosecuting, but they sure do a good job of jumping over to the other side of the legal fence.  now, karen can defend the bad people, knowing all the tricks of prosecuting them.


karen patton seymour (have you noticed how female federal prosecutors and killers always seem to have three names?) will now join the ranks of those law firms in new york city who spend their time keeping the bad guys and girls out of jail.


no big deal.  she didn’t do much to get the real bad guys and girls in jail before, so she is probably perfect for her new job.



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