these people are more scary than dracula….


the online publishers association wants to continue to intrude into your home by hustling the placement of “cookies” on your computer.  they are fighting to the death over a bill that was introduced in congress that would stop this obnoxious practice.


cookies are little spies that go into your computer without your permission and then tell the world all about your buying habits, your reading habits, your entertainment habits and they are probably capable of telling the online publishers association what you do in bed at night.


the main snoop of the online publishers association is larry kramer who also happens to work at cbs marketwatch.  he gets the “hey abbott award” for this week.


we imagine that when larry isn’t hustling intrusion into your personnel life, he is out at night looking through windows in his neighborhood.  larry, do you need some night vision goggles to help you?


to give you just one example of how creepy larry is, on one day last week, a computer of ours was cleared of introduced cookies, spyware and intrusive programs.  the total items removed for just the one day was 22,024 traces.


not only does that practice jump into your life, it also slows down the operation of your computer.


by the way, the online publishers association was founded by martin nisenholtz of the new york times, the so-called liberal trend setting publication.


marty sees nothing wrong about eavesdropping on your computer, but his newspaper claims it is protecting our civil rights from the supposedly evil george bush government.


larry and marty are the type of people who look through your medicine cabinet when they are invited to your home for a party.


they must be strange men.



**our editorial director, belding weed, invites your comments.  his belief is that businesses, institutions and government agencies are just structures.  it is the person who runs the show who creates the morality.  other than calling the person to your attention and perhaps hurting his/her feelings there isn't much more we can do.


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