this guy wouldn’t fart without dick cheney’s permission…..


how could we resist giving the “hey abbott award” for this week to lewis libby, a piece of garbage that works for vice president cheney?  or, should we say “worked” since he has resigned his post and is on his way to jail.


wouldn’t it be nice if he could take dick cheney with him?


thank goodness for special prosecutor patrick fitzgerald who is hot on the trail of the bush administration and their thug like behavior….not to mention all the laws they have broken.


just like the nixon administration, these fellows get caught not for the big nasty things they do, like taking this country to a stupid war, cheating on defense contracts, eliminating social programs and on and on and on.  what they get caught on, because of their own arrogance, is the small stuff like telling a lie about a basically non event.


in this instance libby lied about the “outing” of a cia agent as revenge to her husband, who would not play the bush administration lie game about the war in iraq.


libby said what he said because he was instructed to do it by cheney.  it is as clear as the smirk that cheney always seems to have on his face.


cheney is not a happy man.  he is a man with a heart condition.  he has a daughter who is gay and that fact really kills him.


he and his flunky libby have two spots reserved in hell, where it is hoped they will spend all eternity for the thousands of americans they have killed in afghanistan and iraq by denying the military personnel the proper training and the proper equipment so that defense contractor companies can make a bundle of cash.


this lie by libby and cheney is the least of the shit they have pulled.