this lady is a real peeping tom….


her name is lorraine ross and she works for usa today, a newspaper that builds up its circulation by giving it away at hotels and motels for free.


she gets the “hey abbott award” for this week.


lorraine thinks that the rest of us out here in the computer using world are “paranoid” because we don’t like her and her cohorts snooping into our machines.


 she is an advocate of “cookies.”  those are the little spies that her corporation and other sleaze bag companies place in your computer so that they know everything about your internet usage.


but, she isn’t happy.  thank goodness software people have come up with “spyware” and through its usage you can get rid of the crap that lorraine is sticking up your behind.


she states in a newspaper interview that “corporate america is threatened by the anticookie fervor.”  that is wonderful news.  can you find anything more irresponsible to mankind than “corporate america?”  the more it gets “threatened” by us common folk, the better.


lorraine is the tough new breed of the rocky broad of american industry.  we picture her with a hat on her head, a cigar in the mouth, shoes with four inch heels and too much lipstick and too much eye shadow.


when she says, “we have to think about long-term answers.  we need to have users love their cookies, for the right reason,” you can see how similar that is to the sales pitch of a whore on the street.


cookies or anything else that are dropped into your computer are wrong.  what you do with your computer is your business.  if you want to go to the site of the american museum of natural history that is your business.  if you want to go to a porn site, it means you are hot to trot, but it still is your business.


here is lorraine’s vision of the world to be. 


you go into a bank.  your credit is fine, but it seems that last week you looked at a web site run by a nazi group in montana.  your house loan is denied even though you think the nazis are idiots and you were just curious to see their site.



you kid applies for princeton.  the dean of admissions wants to know why your child has also applied to harvard and yale.  how did he know?  the lorraine ross gang sold him that information.


the bottom line is rush right out and buy every software program that you can to clean off your computer.  you will find on its first use that there are already thousands of cookies on your machine.


as for us, we are going over to lorraine ross’ house tonight and see if we can get a good seat outside of her bedroom window.


we want to watch her take off her shoes and then her dress and then her underwear.  we will video all that and then do what she would do. 


we will sell that video to the ladies underwear industry so they will then know what type of underwear to sell to her.


hopefully, she doesn’t look too ugly naked.