forget about al qaeda, this is the guy you have to worry about…


raymond v. gilmartin, the chief executive office of merck pharmaceuticals, is the grim reaper’s henchman and for that he gets this week’s
”hey abbott award.”


with a big fanfare as if he is doing the world some kind of a favor, he notified everyone that his drug “vioxx” was being taken off the market because it is dangerous and could kill you.  the pill supposedly cured the pain of arthritis.


in his company’s rush to get this poison pill on the market, did it not have time to check it out first?  why bother, when you can make a bundle of money on something?


what better way to exploit sick people than to tell them that you can sell them a pill that will cure their pain and suffering?


well, let us tell this evil little man, that his recall comes months and months after doctors were aware that something was wrong with “vioxx.”


besides the fact that it could give you a heart attack, it masked the pain in a way that made you think that the problem was solved.  because of that, the patient continued to use the affected parts of his/her body in a way that caused permanent damage.  if you did not feel the pain, you just kept using the joint in ways you should not have.


raymond gilmartin is the worst type of human being that has been produced on planet earth.


hitler sent millions to gas chambers.  al qaeda blows up children.


raymond gilmartin is the ultimate snake oil salesman and he knew from day one that vioxx was dangerous.


from this point on, let it be known that if you do something that is really evil, it shall be called a “gilmartin.”