someone please tell this guy to get out of the mosque and see what life is all about…


at the outset, since we are about to tell a muslim that he is full of crap, we would appreciate it if he does not put a contract out on our heads.  and please, please, do not send any children to blow us up.


mohamed elsanousi who appears to be the spokesman for the islamic society of north america is the winner of this week’s “hey abbott award.”  by the way, it is a relief that we don’t have to change the word “spokesman” into “spokesperson.”  no such political correctness needed in the world of muslim.


millions of loyal muslims all over the world spend every waking moment being mean to women.  with a little luck, mohamed elsanousi is married and since he is living in indiana, hopefully his wife, being a good american type wife, tortures the hell out of him.


mr. elsanousi has to stop complaining about the problems of muslims in the united states.  if they are getting picked on for something, why the big deal?  fat people get picked on.  jewish people get picked on.  black people get picked on.  catholic people get picked on.  hispanic people get picked on.  ugly people get picked on.  it is the american way.  even white anglo-saxons get picked on.


the number of muslims getting “picked on” in the united states is no greater or less than any other group that has this problem.  sure, it stinks but that is the way it goes and you just have to cope with idiots who make judgments based on color or religion or heritage or ugly looks.


since our indiana mohamed is the mouth of the islamic society, maybe he can shut up for a minute and be the ear.


here is what the rest of us want:


*make it clear to all muslims that it is wrong to blow yourself up and for that matter to blow up anyone.


*give every muslim living in the united states, the telephone number for the federal bureau of investigation and tell the muslims to start turning in the bad guys in their own communities.  no kidding, they know who they are.


*make sure that not one penny of muslim american money ends up in the hands of terrorists.


*tell every muslim american, that the rest of us really like them.  no problem.  if some idiots give you a hard time report it to the authorities.  sue them in court, make a couple of bucks out of the deal.


and finally, mr. indiana mohamed elsanousi,  the “bad” muslims hate the “good” muslims a lot more then any idiot bigot hates muslim.


they are trying to ruin your lives in america,