now this is what you would call a shifty eyed phony….


let there be no mistake about this.  we are not fans of the current george bush.


we think his motivation for invading iraq is suspect.  at the very least, he was wrong to base his decisions on information from a bunch of incompetents at the central intelligence agency and the federal bureau of investigation.


on the other hand, maybe his decisions were truly based on an evil cabal that he is a member of, and the only purpose of the invasion was to bring more wealth and more power to the bush family and their associates.


history will tell us the truth as it always does.


michael moore in his movie fahrenheit 911 does not tell the truth.


his motivation for the movie was to make a bunch of money and promote the cause of the democratic party.  even his release date was a stroke of evil by putting it far enough ahead of the november election, so that it can not be classified as a campaign commercial under the election laws.


on the other hand, when the dvd is released in a couple of months and widely distributed, it will serve the same propaganda purpose for the democratic party, but the dvd will not be subject to election laws.


michael is a multi-millionaire who creates the sham that he is a scruffy documentary maker.  actually he has put two co-operative apartments together in a very up market building on central park west which gives his digs the distinction of being just about the most pricey in town.


the scenes that he shows in his film are just not fair.  let us examine just two of them.


when president bush is told about the world trade center attack, he appears befuddled and stays in his chair for several minutes.  taken out of context, moore makes him look like a big dope.


of course, he was confused about what was going on.  who would not have been?  but, he didn’t stay that way for very long and within a few minutes he was in charge of a country at war.


perhaps a close-up of michael as he is told some about some traumatic event in his own family would be interesting for another documentary maker to make.


the scene in which michael asks congressional representatives to have their kids join the united states army is silly.  michael has never spent a day in public service to his country, either military of civil.


being in the military is not the litmus test for an individual to be a productive member of our society.


will michael examine the fact that john kerry, the democratic candidate for president was in the vietnam war for only four months?  by moore’s logic, we should elect someone who was in the war for at least five months.


speaking of john kerry, his wife has been very pro-active in the promotional aspects of the documentary.


the meanest thing about farhenreit 911 is that it has become a rallying call for all those people overseas who hate the united states.


michael moore’s movie  has given the bad guys a justification for killing american soldiers in iraq. 


his anti-american hustle is not only his movie, but the comments he has made.  one of the meanest is that he said that the more americans who die in iraq, the faster the united states will get out of there.


hopefully one of these days someone will make a documentary about michael moore.  it should be called:


moore’s manure”