these are people who should certainly move on………


you have heard about cindy sheehan, the lady who is trying to make a career on her son who died in iraq.  she is the mom who had been sitting outside george bush’s ranch in texas.


she can be understood for what she is doing. 


nothing could be worse than a parent outliving a child.  as far as we are concerned, it doesn’t make any difference whether you agree with her anti-war beliefs or you think that the united states being in iraq is greatest thing since the invention of white bread, cindy can do and say anything she wants if it makes her feel better.


the people who stink, however, are the ones who are using cindy’s situation for their own selfish aims, which means raising money for their own group.  the winner of this week’s “hey abbott award” goes to “” a really creepy bunch of people.


founded by joan blades and wes boyd, these people are like grave robbers, or like people who foreclose on elderly people who can’t keep up with their mortgage, or like people who steal candy from babies, or like people who pickpocket blind people in the subway.


their support for cindy is a big lie.  they are “behind” her only because she is causing trouble for george bush and anyone who causes trouble for george bush is just nifty with


don’t think for even a minute that these characters worry about american soldiers being killed in iraq.  cindy is their current meal ticket to a financial increase for their own pockets through their website..


going into iraq was probably pretty stupid.  the way the united states government is currently running the show is pretty stupid.


but for “” to make the terrorists think that we are going to walk out the door next week because of a cindy sheehan is just evil meanness.


they seem to blame george bush personally for every american killed since the start of this war.


we will now blame “” for every death in iraq from this point on.