don’t ever trust anything you see in a newspaper or a magazine and don’t ever trust what you hear on radio or see on television when it comes to news or politics or war….


the latest media icon to fall in the toilet is bill o'reilly, a mouth on radio and a vision on television.  he is accused of talking dirty sex on the telephone to one of his female flunkies.


there must be something to the story because he is willing to make an “out of court” settlement.


this is a guy who spends his time on the radio and television pontificating on how great and rich he is and how the rest of us mere mortals should live our lives and our beliefs.  when he isn’t preaching, he spends most of his time on air trying to sell his newsletter or his coffee mugs or his tee shirts.


he is the winner of this week’s “hey abbott award” because he epitomizes the stinking media in the united states.  he now follows in the footsteps of the new york times guy who lied, the usa today guy who lied, the boston globe guy who lied, the cbs guy who lied, and the country’s most famous drug addict, rush limbaugh.


whether they are on the left or the right, the media creates illusions and delusions for the population.  unfortunately there are some readers and listeners and viewers who are dumb enough to believe these “reporters.”


most of the stories coming out of iraq were faked.  reporters sat around in hotels sipping tea.  the reason they are no longer in iraq is because now the “insurgents” are shooting at the press.


most of the stories about the current presidential election are being faked in terms of predictions as to who is going to vote for whom and alleged vicious behavior on the part of the democrats and the republicans.


bill o’reilly and his type are far more scary than the al qaeda cockroaches. 

his buddies in the media are making americans think that everything in our nation and everything we do is dirty and bad.


if you want to charge billy with something, charge him with talking dirty to the rest of us.  you can just imagine what mrs. o’reilly is saying to him these days.



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