he doesn’t mind throwing $150 million into the toilet, but is he a good tipper in the men’s room?


you take a bunch of stumble bums who don’t have a clue as to how to run an airline, you throw in the most rude and incompetent employees and you top it off by having seats on your planes into which only a dwarf could fit, and what do you have?  you have usairways, an airline that is so deep in red ink it looks like a blood bank emblem.


the only thing dumber than this situation is to have a bozo like perry traquina of the wellington management company, a financial something or other, give usairways $150 million to piss away.  some of perry’s other buddies at other financial companies, who obviously aren’t too bright either, are kicking in an additional $350 million to “save” usairways.


these companies are playing fast and loose with their investors’ money.  investors, by the way, who would be wise to start looking for other “financial” companies where they could invest and get a greater degree of responsible management.


perry gets the “hey abbott award” for this week.  he can share it with his loser buddies if he wishes.


in the usual state of things, a company is supposed to make enough money to survive and be competitive.  for some reason, the airlines think that they are special people who must mooch and mooch and mooch.


as a matter of fact, if you happen to own a dry cleaning store and you are having financial problems, just change its name from “smith dry cleaning” to “smith airlines” and you can bet that perry will come running over to give you money.


besides creating a flood of red ink, usairways has produced a very large volume of bull dung by blaming its troubles on everything but the obvious.  they are stupid people, management and employees.


how come other airlines in the united states manage to make money and do a great job?  southwest is a pleasure to ride on.  song is a pleasure to ride on. 


it is too late to stop perry traquina and his financial geniuses from throwing their money down the toilet, but perhaps the next time any of them are in one of their plush clubs and go into the men’s room, they might give an extra large tip to the attendant as some sort of forgiveness for their crime against intelligence.