Do You Know What a Putz is?


It is a real New York City street word.  Here is what the dictionary says about it.


Putz - Slang word for "penis." Also used when describing someone as being "a jerk."


If you want an example of a “Putz” we have the perfect one for you.  He is:


Henry A. (Hank) McKinnell Jr. who is the boss of Pfizer Inc., the New York City based pharmaceutical company.


Don’t you just love a guy who puts his nickname into his mailing address?  It is so preppy.  How about changing it to Henry A. (Putz) McKinnell Jr.


No one should be bewildered by our repeated use of a word to describe “Hank” that connects to “penis.”  


 “Hank” and Pfizer make a good part of their money from limp penises.  Pfizer makes Viagra and in New York State the company charges people $10 a pill for a pill that costs less than one cent to make.  Viagra allegedly will help with erectile dysfunction.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to work.  Pfizer’s advertising for the pill is more active than the pill itself.


The other big product for Pfizer is Lipitor which allegedly lowers your cholesterol.  In this instance the Pfizer advertising deludes people into thinking that they can continue to eat all the junk they want and all they have to do is pop a pill and all will be well.


“Hank” is like the Old West quack that travels around in his wagon selling pills to cure your ailments.  Some smooth talking from him and your health problems will be all gone.  While he talks to you, he is busy stripping your pocket clean.  Hopefully the sheriff will get him one of these days.


Now, let us just for a minute presume that Viagra and Lipitor do some good….when other corrections are made to your life style.


“Hank” has just discovered that thousands of older Americans have realized that he is screwing them by selling his medicines to Canadians for less than he sells them to Americans.  For instance, according to the AARP, you can buy Lipitor in Canada for $145 less than it would cost you in the United States.


To stop Americans from buying his medicines in Canada, “Hank the Putz” has notified Canadian companies that if they sell his drugs to Americans, he will cut off their supplies.  And, he has done just that.


What can you do about our little “Putz?”


For one thing, you can hope that as he gets older, he will need to take all types of medicines that he won’t be able to afford.


For another thing, you can ask your physician to prescribe medicines made by companies other than Pfizer.


When someone is as mean as Henry A. (Hank) McKinnell Jr., it is an indication that his sex life isn’t too good.  And so, he is doing to the American public, something he just can’t do to his lady.