Achtung.Achtung.Da Ihre Papiere nicht in Reihenfolge sind, werden Sie Ihren Rabatt nicht erhalten!


Is there anyone out there who ever has tried to get a ďrebateĒ by having to fill out a pile of paperwork, only to have it returned to you saying that you filled out the form incorrectly, or you didnít enclose the bar code, or you didnít supply a postage paid return envelope?


According to the United States Federal Trade Commission, complaints about rebates have tripled in the last few years.Could it be that the companies really donít want you to get the advertised rebates?


The easiest thing for a company to do if it doesnít want to give you the money it promised to give to you is to hire a company like Young America up in Minnesota to handle the rebate promotion.


Under the leadership of Roger D. Andersen, this company is just about the biggest pain in the ass to deal with.Since we donít believe that a corporation is just a nameless entity, the buck is going to stop with Roger.


If Roger wanted his company to be a decent honorable corporation that would make it easy for you to get a rebate when you are entitled to it, he would.Let us be cynical and guess that Roger probably has a gazillion rebate coupons that are sitting in his garage.Sent in by excited consumers with visions of dollars and cents dancing in their heads, the rebates are never to be redeemed.


Thanks to companies like Young America, those rebate coupons are eventually going to end up in ďrebate hell,Ē fueling the fires down there for all eternity.


The reason we are singling out Young America and Roger D. Andersen is that in the course of some research about this company in a cute little town in Minnesota, we found out the most amazing history.


Young America comes from a company called Mid Ocean Partners.


Mid Ocean Partners comes from a company called Deutsche Bank.


Deutsche Bank was Hitlerís Bank.As a matter of fact, it points with pride to the fact that it funded the construction of Auschwitz.


As a matter of fact, the Deutsche Bank was so evil that in 1946 the United States military recommended that it be liquidated and its top officials tried for war crimes.


During the past years, many people from all over the world have tried to pry some compensation from the bank for the atrocities it was involved in.Things are not going too well since the bank really doesnít want to let loose with the funds.


Young America and Roger D. Andersen are just following a tradition.