meet the devil’s agent on earth……


let yourself imagine for just one horrible moment, that your child has some terrible disease and unless you can get the proper medical care the child is going to die.


you know that the finest doctor in the world is available, but your insurance company says you can’t use him.  say goodbye to your child, he will now die.


this was the story on a recent night on cbs television when they were showing the inhumanity of an insurance company called health net.


what cbs didn’t mention was that this was not one isolated case of saying “no.”  health net does it a great deal.  what cbs also didn’t mention was that health net exists because it has a sweetheart deal with the united states government to handle tricare, a government insurance company for military personnel and their families.


the winner of this week’s “hey abbott award” is roger f. greaves the boss of health net.  he is the guy who decides whether or not children will live.


he is also big on chemical treatment.  health net under roger’s guidance pushes addictive drugs.  if a physician prescribes a cooling machine for an after knee operation situation, roger and his buddies say no and tell the patient to use addictive drugs instead. 


roger f. greaves not only cheats the parents of dying children, he also manages to cheat military personnel who have laid their lives on the line for the united states.  this guy could be the devil himself, except we know he isn’t smart enough for that job and that is why we call him just an “agent” of the devil.


roger will eventually fry in the fires of hell for all time, but in the meantime, we look forward to the government accounting office taking a close look at the financial activities of health net.