roly keating and jana bennett who run the british broadcasting company are both dirty little f*cks….


these two pieces of sh*t get the “hey abbott award” for this week because they are truly sc*m bags.


thanks to these two perverts, the bbc television network is presenting this month a filthy show called  “jerry springer the opera.”


the concept of presenting this garbage is thanks to keating and bennett who are both real pr*cks.


hundreds of obscenities are in the show along with a multitude of blasphemous scenes.


song titles in the show include “pregnant by a transsexual,”  “talk to the ass,” and “here come the hookers.”  the show also has a scene in which ku klux klan members tap-dance and a scene that has jesus and satan “screwing around.”


please understand, keating and bennett are on the dole.  they run a company that is incapable of making it on its own financially.  what they do is to hold a gun to the head of everyone in the uk who owns a television set.  if you own a tv set, you have to pay money to the bbc whether or not you watch it.


speaking of money, it would be interesting to get a look at the expense accounts of keating and bennett.  we bet they are really fu*king the taxpayers.


if truth be known, we are also a little tired of the bbc bashing the united states day after day about the war in iraq.  if tony blair and parliament had said no to the war, there is no fu*king way george bush could have sold it to the american public.


so to sum up.  keating and bennett, you are nothing more than co*ksuckers who walk around with your fingers up your mother fu*king asses.


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