is this creepy person a ghoul or is he just a smart cookie who knows how to attract people to his web site?


russell hemenway has a web site which he calls the national security archive.  by choosing that name he would hope that you somehow think it is an official site of the united states government.  he is a fraud and a liar; it is not.


he is currently featuring pictures of the coffins of united states military personnel killed in iraq and afghanistan.  if he could, he would show the remains and not just the coffins.


russell is the winner of this week’s “hey abbott award.” 


to get the pictures, he and other grave robbers filed a “freedom of information act” lawsuit which subsequently compelled the department of defense to release the photos.


russell claims he is doing this to make the public aware of the horrors of war and he claims that the bush administration is trying to hide the fact that so many have been killed. 


how did this horrible little man miss the opportunity on his web site to also show the photos of some of the 20,000 military personnel who have been wounded, some in the most horrible disfiguring way?


we all know that war is terrible.  we all know that this particular war may be exceptionally stupid.  we all know that the folks who are running the war are not too bright. 


russell could have said all that without using these sad and personal photos.  he is using the pictures to attract visitors to his web site so he can get money from them.


speaking of money, in the latest financial figures that could be obtained (it is kind of kept secret, you know) the staff salaries for the national security archive were $1,340,388.  travel, meetings and conferences were $148,264.


russell and his associates spit on the graves of these brave people who died for their country.  you can be assured that russell has never put on a uniform for the united states and you can bet your bottom dollar that he never will.


he brags that he was educated at dartmouth college and the l’institute d’etudes politiques in paris.  the first is known for its panty raids and the second is known to be the most anti american “school” in the world, as well as the alma mater of Dr. Evil.


the national archive is a con job web site which is selling a product like any web site selling snake oil.


when russell croaks, we look forward to putting a picture of his coffin on this web site.  at the very least, we would like to piss on his grave.