Oy Vey!  This Guy is a Real Gonif………


When he was running for office, he sent the following message to the huge JEWISH community here in New York that they should vote for him because he was JEWISH. 


Now, we are stuck with Charles E. Schumer the JEWISH Senator from New York State.  And, he is a real hameshe kurve.


Other than the fact that he is a guaranteed speaker at any boiled chicken dinner being put on by a JEWISH organization, he hasn’t really done much for the people of New York State.  He is merely a yente who is also a shmendrik.


Are we sounding a little anti-semitic here?  You bet your tochus, we are.  If Schumer can play the JEWISH card, why can’t we?


In electing Schumer, the JEWISH people fell for the old adage, “vote for me, I am one of your own kind.”  He received a huge percentage of the JEWISH votes in New York State.  What can we say other than they needed him like a lock in kop.


We should report that once in office he has done nothing really meaningful for the JEWISH voters of New York which sort of proves he is a universal chaim yankel.


Besides being a do nothing Senator, it appears he is also a khazer.


It turns out that he has chartered private planes 603 times, spending $409,253 of taxpayer money during his years in office.  What a shmendrik he is.  He is a shtarker.


None of this comes as a surprise to us.  Just try telephoning the Schumer office for some information or help.  You get the feeling that someone has told you to gay red tsu der vant.  The people who answer his phone, who are there to help the constituents are nothing more than beheymes.


It would have been better for the JEWISH people of New York to have elected a Gentile. 


They would still be getting ripped off because that is what politicians do.  However, they would not be getting ripped off by “one of their own kind” at least.


Biz hundert azoi ve tsvantsik.